Dishwashers are great time savers in the kitchen. However, when they don’t do their job properly, it can get frustrating. There are a few things you can try before calling out a technician. If nothing is working and you require dishwasher repairs in the Bronx, call the Appliance Doctor. We will come to you all over NYC to resolve your dishwasher problems. Here are five things you should do if your dishwasher isn’t drying. Related image

Call the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs

Once the wash cycle has finished, you should open the door. This allows the steam from the cycle to escape. Otherwise, the moisture is trapped in the machine and will leave your dishes wet. You should also consider the way you are stacking your dishes. Make sure there is ample space between each item. Ensuring dishes aren’t touching each other ensures there are no areas for droplets to gather. Taking the time to do these things can save you time manually drying the load.

Bronx Residents Trust the Appliance Doctor with Repairs

While dishwasher detergent is essential for cleaning your dishes, you should also add rinse aid to the cycle. It may seem like an additional step, however, saves time on drying. This product helps the water to clean items without collecting on them. Rinse aid assists your load with the drying process and missing out this step may leave you with dishes you need to dry by hand http://www.appliancedoctorx.com/dishwasher-repair-ny/.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Dishwasher Advice

Think about what you are filling your dishwasher with. Are you including plastic dishes? You might want to consider washing them by hand. They are at risk of damage and also don’t conduct heat the way other dishes do. These items lower the temperature of the water that hits them which doesn’t evaporate as hot water does. Therefore you’ll find them still moist at the end of the cycle.

Choose a Skilled Technician in the Bronx

You shouldn’t be pre-rinsing your dishes as that is what your dishwasher is designed to do. The detergent you fill your machine with needs some dirt to cling onto to work efficiently. Some makes and models have smart technology that adjusts the cycle in response to how dirty your dishes are. Shorter cycles don’t allow the water to reach high temperatures which mean it won’t evaporate. This will leave your dishes feeling damp after the cycle.

Simple actions such as opening the door after the cycle, correct stacking, using rinse aid, avoiding plastic dishes and pre-rinsing can help your dishwasher do its job. If you have addressed all of these things and your dishes still aren’t dry you should get an expert to take a look. Bronx residents can depend on the Appliance Doctor as we have experience with dishwashers of all makes and models.

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